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Education London (EL) – delivery in Wales 2012 to present

Education London has worked closely with the Welsh Government and consortia since 2012; giving both strategic advice about system-wide approaches; and delivering practical and school-based support contracts. EL originally won its role in Wales because of its outstanding track record as the (sole) London Challenge Education Services Provider (2007-2011) and its provision of the GCSE English and Maths Project to both London and Manchester Challenges.

GCSE English and Maths Projects

EL had delivered all three phases of the GCSE English and Maths Project in Wales (for the Welsh Government). EL is currently delivering the Phase III Project (September 2013 – March 2014). This includes GCSE English and Maths support to 40 secondary schools (10 per Consortium) in all parts of Wales and focussed on maximising C+ outcomes at GCSE but with a strong emphasis on spreading good practice and developing sustainable improvement. Whole-school advisers (School Programme Managers) as well as English and Maths Advisers are deployed in each school. Evaluations from participating schools are excellent.  An end of project report is on the Learning Wales website.

Phase III work builds on the Phase II Project which ran from March to June 2013. This was very much a ‘pilot project’ for Phase III with 12 schools (3 per Consortium) - the focus was on short-term impact on GCSE outcomes (Level 2 Inclusive), particularly in English and Maths. An end of project report is on the DfES website.

The Phase II Project was itself an extension of the original GCSE English and Maths Project (Phase I therefore) in February 2013 providing workshops for English and Maths subject leaders in all secondary schools in Wales (and was also attended by System Leaders and LA staff). These Workshops focussed on the development and dissemination of good practice, with a particular focus on maximising GCSE outcomes and on the national response to PISA. Eleven Workshops were held throughout Wales and c. 85% of secondary schools in Wales attended. Again, an end of project report is on the DfES website.

Lead and Emerging Practitioner Schools Project.

EL has also been commissioned by the Welsh Government to deliver training support in the set-up phase of the Lead and Emerging Practitioner Schools Project, Phases I and II (2013 and 2014). EL worked with the DfES team to design the national launch conference in Llandrindod Wells in March 2013; and Karen Lynch delivered ‘Lessons learnt from the London and National Challenge’ to the conference. EL delivered training for secondary, primary and special schools last year and this, providing Intensive one day conferences for Headteachers, System Leaders and senior managers about effective partnership working focussing on inter-school mentoring, coaching and leadership development. Partnership plans for Lead and Emerging pairings were developed as part of the training days. Evaluations for these events were excellent.

Other EL Development Activity in Wales

EL has worked at all levels with the Welsh Education Service:

-        Karen Lynch was key note speaker at the Cardiff Headteachers conference in June 2013.

-        Consortium – Central South Consortium have engaged us to deliver extra support to their schools as part of the larger Phase II and Phase III Projects detailed above.

-        Local Authority – Cardiff LA asked EL to provide tutors for its Easter 2014 GCSE mathematics revision sessions for secondary schools, 19/20 secondary schools took part and feedback was again excellent.

-        Individual schools – a number of schools have engaged EL this year, usually to provide subject support:

  1. Schools who were members of the Phase II Project.
  2. Schools purchasing an extension to the Phase III Project support, to be delivered in the summer term 2014.
  3. Schools who have approached us independently.

-        Lead and Emerging Partnership Schools – EL have been commissioned by one Schools Partnership to deliver the ‘GCSE English and Maths Project’ to both schools as part of their Partnership Plan.

About Us

Education London works with schools and academies, and as part of wider LA (Consortia in Wales) and DfE (DfES) programmes, to raise standards and improve learner outcomes. Our clients range from highly effective organisations to those requiring intensive support.