School Uniform Details


Right from the first proposal meetings for Becket Keys, the message from parents has been clear: the uniform should be distinctive, high quality, smart and stylish and able to be put through a washing machine and tumble drier on a regular basis without losing its shape or colour. All at an affordable price! With these principles in mind we looked at various suppliers and designs to try and get the balance right. We knew we needed a uniform that everyone could be proud of. Something bold and confident - like our school!



We believe that good standards of dress promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour and identify students to local residents and future employers. We have worked hard to create a uniform that is distinctive and smart. The co-operation of all parents/carers is requested to ensure that students are in correct uniform to and from school as well as during normal school hours.

Please note that Becket Keys makes the final decision as to what is or is not acceptable in all aspects of a student's appearance.



Blazer: Black blazer from SmartyPants with Becket Keys Logo. Blazer: Black blazer from SmartyPants with Becket Keys Logo
Trousers: Charcoal grey – not black or grey. Straight leg. Skirt: Becket Keys Purple 'Warrior' Tartan must be purchased from SmartyPants. Skirt must be worn no higher than 5cm above the knee

Shirt: Plain white with stiff collar for wearing with a tie (short or long sleeved) – top button done up and shirt always tucked in. No polo or open necked shirts. Blouse: plain white revere collar. No polo shirts. No stiff collared shirts designed to be worn with ties. 
Socks: Plain grey or black. Socks: Plain white

Tights: Plain/neutral or black tights, neutral trainer socks or no socks/tights at all
Shoes: Traditional flat, black sensible leather shoes – lace up shoes to have black laces. No trainers or boots, no white or coloured laces. Lace up shoes preferable to Velcro. No sandals. Shoes: Traditional flat, black sensible leather shoes – lace up shoes to have black laces, no trainers or boots. Lace up shoes preferable to Velcro. No kitten heels, sandals, platform shoes, ballet pumps, white or coloured laces.
Jumper or slipover: Grey with purple stripes - available from SmartyPants. Jumper or slipover: grey with purple stripes - available from SmartyPants
Tie: From SmartyPants, worn to top of trousers.  
PE Kit

Shorts: Becket Keys exclusive design from SmartyPants.

Jogging bottoms: Plain black - no logos or stripes.

Shorts: Becket Keys exclusive design from SmartyPants

Becket Keys "Skort" also available - purchased from SmartyPants

Girls can wear plain black leggings under their shorts or skort. Leggings only are not permitted.

Alternatively, girls can wear plain black jogging bottoms. No logos or stripes. 

T-Shirt: Plain purple round neck with Becket Keys logo from SmartyPants.
Hoodie: Plain purple with Becket Keys logo and name from SmartyPants.
Reversible black and purple PE top from SmartyPants.
Socks: White ankle length for indoor sport and black football socks.

Shoes: Indoor trainers with non marking soles (school colours preferred).

Optional: Outdoor footwear suitable for astroturf and/or multi use games areas. Rounded dimple studs are ideal for our astroturf. Shoes designed expressly for astroturf will be very suitable but any flat outdoor trainer will suffice (school colours preferred).

Rugby/Football boots – 

All students (girls and boys) require either football or rugby boots. If they want to be selected for the school teams they will require the specific type (school colours preferred).

Shin Pads: Shin pads must be worn for appropriate contact sports.
Other specialist PE kit as required.

Hairstyle is an important aspect of the image central to the individual and the image the individual creates for Becket Keys.

No extreme hairstyles i.e. not less than grade 2 in length, hair must not be dyed, no shapes cut into the hair e.g. stripes, undercuts, no long hair (must be cut above the collar and ears visible).  No extreme hairstyles i.e. not less than grade 2 in length, no undercuts, hair must not be dyed, no shapes cut into the hair e.g. stripes. Long hair must be tied back at all times. Older girls (Years 10,11) can have it partially tied up. Younger girls (Years 7,8,9) must have it fully tied up. 

Any hairbands, clips or ribbons should be neutral, black or purple.


Note: No internet smart watches capable of sending or receiving messages are allowed                   e.g. Apple Watch, Fitbit Blaze and so on. These would be banned in any public examination.

Medic alert chain, if necessary
  Girls may wear one small silver or gold stud in the lobe of each ear, but they must be removed for all PE lessons. It is not acceptable to put tape over the ears.
No other jewellery or body piercing is acceptable.
Make up
Discreet concealer/foundation is permitted to cover blemishes/spots
No nail varnish, lip stick, eye shadow or heavy black lines etc. No false nails. 

Plain black without coloured flashes, logos or slogans.

Students are encouraged to wear the school winter coat purchased from SmartyPants.

Aprons: One plain cotton (various subjects), one blue (food) available from SmartyPants

Scarf: Becket Keys scarf available from SmartyPants or any other Black or Grey Scarf

Hat: Plain black or grey hats may be worn - no colour or logos

Gloves: Plain black or grey gloves may be worn - no colour or logos


Sports Bag: Becket Keys logo bag available from SmartyPants.

Rucksack and/or messenger bag: Plain black - no commercial logos bigger than 7cm width; prefer Becket Keys logo. 

Year 7 and 8 must use the school bags purchased from SmartyPants



SmartyPants Schoolwear, Unit 1 Chancerygate, 33 Tallon Road, Brentwood CM13 1TE, 01277 363275,