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New Schools

EL - Working with sponsors and groups to set up new schools and academies around the country

EL is an expert Education Provider specialising in educational project management and the full range of school improvement services. We have a ‘one-stop shop’ approach to large projects such as new schools.

We believe that expert educational project management (which includes all necessary specialist advice) is the key to the future success of any new school. Since our foundation in 2003 every one of our projects has been on budget, on time and on target.

EL is working with groups and sponsors in different parts of the country to turn their visions into realities. We expect to make a long term commitment to each new school and academy – providing the governing trust with not only school improvement support, but support for every aspect of the organisational infrastructure including premises management, procurement, HR, IT equipment and finance. Every aspect of the development and delivery of the new school can come from one Education Provider, within the context of your vision and strategic priorities.

Our Company is highly unusual among Education Providers because we have very experienced project managers (with experience of senior positions in education) working alongside the full range of subject and aspect specialists needed by schools. This range of expertise is crucial to the successful development and running of a new school.