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Free Schools Project Management and Education Services

Education London (EL) is accredited as one of the twelve providers of Education Advice on the DfE’s national framework. All Free Schools approved for opening can access our support from the framework through their DfE Project Lead.

Our project management and education expertise supports the opening of RET Free Schools, namely:

In addition, EL is independently advising other primary and secondary 2012 and 2013 openers. Our project managers and education advisers have current or recent experience as headteachers, DfE advisers, OFSTED inspectors and specialist curriculum, ICT and recruitment advisers. We can help you to turn your individual vision into the school you want, with the right legal, financial and educational foundations.

Support for marketing and communications is crucial in the pre-opening year and beyond. EL supports the establishment of ‘brand’ and then supports press strategy, website design and copy, prospectus design and pupil recruitment. We help proposers to use stakeholder consultation to promote good communication and market the school and its values to parents and pupils.

Support for developing a detailed education strategy will translate proposers' vision and aims into a bespoke education strategy, using our experience to consider the full range of options for curriculum and school organisation, or working with your selected headteacher before s/he takes up post to accelerate progress and develop strategies.

Headteacher recruitment: We have been supporting governors to recruit headteachers for over ten years. We ensure that governors/proposers see a first rate field of candidates and make their choice based on a rigorous selection process designed by our specialist advisers. We work with proposers on every aspect of the process including: advert design and placement; job description; person specification; legal requirements; shortlisting; administration of candidates; selection activities and appointment.

Staff recruitment: EL works with newly appointed headteacher designate(s) and governors in Free Schools to recruit founding staff by providing additional subject experts and specialist HR support. This helps schools at the pre-opening stage to recruit their new staff for the first year, in a relatively short period.

Policy and procedure development: EL uses DfE and EL best practice documentation and our education, HR and financial expertise to help proposers develop the detailed policy and procedures that underpin the school’s approach to pupils, parents and the community.

ICT: EL’s ICT specialists help new schools to review the options for ICT delivery, based on a range of current schools, and work with proposers and governors to evaluate hardware and software as part of the procurement process.

Free Schools and Academies

We provide a range of other services to schools and academies including: